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About us...

Mission Statement: We take the privilege of providing exceptional assistance to the Seniors in our community with the highest regard. Though our name appears to lend to that of a staffing company we merely adopted the principle of working for our consumers as that is who we serve. In addition to our business model we strive to work on behalf of the individuals we serve and the individuals we employ.

Meet The Team


Paula Leonard, Founder/Owner

As owner and founder of Higher Standards Staffing, I would like to welcome you and your family.

After dedicating over 20 years to the healthcare ministry I founded Higher Standards Staffing-a caring company, to support seniors and individuals who need a little help to maintain their preferred quality of life, wherever they call home. I went on this adventure with the support of my husband and family encouraging me to serve in the capacity that the Lord called me to. I am genuinely grateful to each family who reaches out to work with Higher Standards Staffing. 

Living most of my life in a rural community and serving in many different facets of healthcare, I saw the need to start a private care option in my own area. I desired to provide a different approach to the families I serve and the team members I employ. Working directly for individuals allows me and my team to provide customized care for each family with integrity, discretion, and confidentiality. I seek out and employ individuals who are gifted with the servitude of compassion and the desire to enrich the lives of those who need a little boost in their daily lives. It is my personal experience that the need to get to know the individuals I serve has a direct correlation in learning what their needs truly are.


It is our mission to provide exceptional assistance to the Seniors in our community and we hold this privilege in the highest regard. 

Thank you for choosing Higher Standards Staffing!

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